Artist Statement (2023)
Unfolding Worlds: The Art of Yun Gee and Li-lan by Carter Ratcliff
Natural Influence By Gene-Manuel Whirling
My Father and Nature by Li-lan
Yun Gee and Li-lan: Art Without Borders by Stephanie Buhmann
An Infinite Field of Memories and Imagination by Tung-Hsiao Chou
Prologue by Carter Ratcliff
Artist Statement (2013)
Artist Statement (2010)
Contemplative Landscape of the Mind by Tung Hsiao Chou
ARTnews • June 2009
Li-lan: Mystery, Meditation, and Technique by Jess Frost
Art in America • November 2008
Transnationals in “In Between” Spaces (Introduction) by Joyce Brodsky
Artist Statement (2007)
Li-lan, Foreign Correspondent by Scarlet Cheng
Foreword by Christine Y. Kim
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Pass on the Paint: Same Family, Same Career – But as Painters They’re a World Apart by Karen Rester
Li-lan by Carter Ratcliff
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Li-lan: The Game of Seeing Life by Peter Frank
Memories of My Father by Li-lan
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Li-lan by Dr. Shūichi Katō
Li-lan: Reaching Across Barriers by Sheridan Sansegundo
Transmissions: Recent work by Li-lan by David Ebony
The Work of Li-lan: Postcards from the Edge by Scarlet Cheng
Li-lan by Alice Yang
Artist Magazine (Taipei) • January 1996
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Minimalist From Springs With Chinese Roots Exhibits Envelopes in Taiwan by Phyllis Braff
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Li-lan Lowery by Lowery Stokes Sims
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Border Crossings by Scarlet Cheng
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Li-lan, Stationary Images by Robert Berlind
Li-lan by Helen A. Harrison
Eighty 22s by Li-lan
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Artist Statement (1980)
China: My Father’s Village by Li-lan
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Li-lan: An Unknown Melody by The Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation
Introduction by Haruo Aoki
Artist Statement (1977)
Why did you become a painter?
Stray Questions, Stray Thoughts (On my exhibit at Nantenshi Gallery in May of 1977)
Li-lan by Kazuko Matsuoka
Homage to Li-lan by Dr. Shūichi Katō
The Japan Times (Tokyo, Japan) • May 19, 1974