Artist Statement (2013)

Eyes Of Night Dream of DayEyes of Night / Dream of Day (diptych) 2011

Imaginary and real figures. Birds in flight, or still.  Eyes looking out, looking in.  Animals in black and white or in vivid hues of color – reds, pinks, yellows – stand, fly or float into and out of windows, doors, architectural spaces.  They enter and exit dreamlike silent rooms or places that evoke metaphors of landscapes, of thoughts and of dreams.  Light coming from one side or from the other, from top or from bottom, creates a surreal, mythic metaphor: life.

White space frames backdrops for figures and ghosts that float or fly through the mysterious and the unknown.  Views within the white, quiet of void and silence, create landscapes of mythic creatures that fly through clouds: they are thoughts and dreams, both real and unreal.  My art, my life, from one work to another, is a passage, a journey.

Li-lan_Working_NYCPhoto: Tung Hsiao Chou

My life is moving through paint and pastel, in dark and in light, in black and white and in color.  Images are reflections of my inner and outer being.  They are coming and going through joy and tears, as a frog jumps through a green landscape in my mind.  Nature and technology in flight, or still, create formal or symbolic contrasts of the mysterious and the unknown.