LI-LAN, Unfinished Journey • Lin & Keng Gallery Exhibition Catalogue


LI-LAN, Unfinished Journey
Foreword by Christine Y. Kim
Essay by Scarlet Cheng: Li-lan-Foreign Correspondent
Publsiher: Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
November 2006
70 Pages
28 Illustrations

Executive Editor: Celine Chao
Planning Assistant: Yi-Ling Cheng, Shin-Min Lin, Hui-Ting Ho
Photography: Kevin Ryan
Design: MaT Design Office, Michael K.H. Chen

Project Manager (US): Gene-Manuel Parets

Available at:
Tina Keng Gallery – Taipei

In the most recent work, Li-lan’s oeuvre comes full circle. But instead of returning to the blank page and the severe grid, she returns to artistic concerns, pre-1970s, to a time before she was a professional artist. Perhaps she, as a mature artist who, as Ratcliff notes, consistently maintains her stronghold on the grid, ineffably and lyrically finds the child who intuitively draws the house, the cat, the frog, the bird… and the airplane that will fly off the page and take her away… and then bring her back home. And that is where the face and the eyes, a sort of self-portrait welcome the viewer into the work. Perhaps, this is where Li-lan’s soul lives.

Christine Y. Kim
New York, NY
June 2006