September 1969 • Li-lan’s first Solo Show • Miyuki Gallery, Japan

Although I was very excited when I was asked by the Miyuki Gallery to have my first solo international exhibition at their gallery, it did fill me with some anxiety.  I was never very comfortable being the center of attention and at first, the thought of having to be present at my opening was a bit overwhelming.  At the opening, there were many friends present and some very well known art critics and writers, which made me feel even more shy & withdrawn than normal.  Fortunately, I felt so much support that I began to relax and enjoy myself.

The work was very well received.  The majority of the pieces were created during my travels through Europe in the previous year or so.  I also included a few paintings that I had done during my first few months of living in Japan.  The influence of the work of master painters like Giotto, Paolo Uccello and Masaccio, works I’d seen in my travels throughout Italy, especially in Florence, can be seen in many of the pieces that were included in this exhibition.

I remember the Miyuki Gallery being so beautiful and they had done a wonderful job in the hanging of the work.  All in all, the show was a wonderful experience.

• Li-lan