NOVEMBER 2010 • Li-lan – A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation Catalogue



Tina Keng Gallery – Taiwan

Li-lan’s latest exhibition catalogue, A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation, is now available for purchase via the Tina Keng Gallery in Taiwan.  This beautiful linen hardcover catalogue contains 20 color illustrations plus details.  The catalogue also features an essay written by Tung-Hsiao Chou, “Contemplative Landscape of the Mind.”

Order inquiries are being handled by the Tina Keng Gallery.

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LI-LAN, A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation
Essay by Tung-Hsiao Chou: “Contemplative Landscape of the Mind”
Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
June 2010
68 Pages
20 Illustrations (plus details)
Linen Hardcover
Price: $40 + Shipping

Li-lan photography: Llima Orosa