A World Achieved – The Art of Li-lan • Tina Keng Gallery Exhibition Catalogue

LI-LAN, A World Achieved
Essay by Tung-Hsiao Chou: An Infinite Field of Memories and Imagination
Publisher: Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
July 2014

Editor: Catherine Y. Hsieh
Design: Gina Lee
Printing: Jih-Tung Art Printing Co., Ltd.

Project Manager (US): Gene-Manuel Parets

Available at:
Tina Keng Gallery – Taipei

After the millennium, the ragged edge of the stamps in Li-lan’s work disappears off the canvas, leaving only the enlarged rectangles that contain colorful imagery. This is similar to the resetting of the focus of the camera lens, zooming in to a close-up on the hidden worlds inside the stamps. Li-lan continues to use readymade images of Eastern and Western architecture, insects, animals, airplanes, and figures. These cross-cultural subjects are mixed and presented in different scales and from multiple perspectives. They can be associated with fragments of the artist’s memories, some of which have personal meanings for her.

Tung-Hsiao Chou
July 2014