LI-LAN, Two Exhibitions • Exhibition Catalogue

LI-LAN, Two Exhibitions
Essay by Peter Frank: Li-lan: The Game of Seeing Life
DoubleVision Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
November 2003
40 Pages
16 Illustrations

Li-lan’s “program” is not the description of place, nor the account of going places, but the sensation of being many places at once – the meta-cubist condition of comprehending the world as a spannable, available site of tangentially related experiences, a continuous discontinuity if you will.  This is a – the – post-modern condition, which in the digital (post-post-modern) age has become that much more acute.  These are the paintings, however, of an individual whose consciousness was shaped before this condition pertained, and who now thrills at both the knowledge it brings so close and at the giddiness it induces.  Li-lan’s is an art of armchair jet lag.

Peter Frank
October, 2003