Li-lan part of Jason McCoy Gallery’s RECALIBRATION exhibition • Dec 22nd, 2018 – Jan 7th, 2019 Online Exclusive

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Jason McCoy Gallery is pleased to present RECALIBRATION, an exclusive online exhibition spanning the transition to the new year.

This year, winter solstice falls on December 21st, marking the exact moment when Earth’s axis tilts the Northern Hemisphere farthest from the sun. Furthermore, in 2018, the shortest day will not only be followed by the longest night of the year, but by the appearance of a December full moon. This so-called Cold Moon will inaugurate a Season of Renewal, Rebirth and Recalibration.

This exhibition celebrates winter solstice by comprising a unique group of works centered on visual clarity. While a limited palette and structural simplicity characterize many of these works, they do not lack in complexity. In fact, each aims to incite the viewer to enter a private space of contemplation, a place to ponder what has passed, as well as what might promise to still be ahead.

The exhibition features works by Bernard Childs, Yvonne Estrada, Max Gimblett, Stephen Greene, Raymond Han, Alfred Jensen, Frederick Kiesler, Amanda Konishi, Nick Lamia, Li-lan, Sol LeWitt, Christiane Löhr, Salvatore Mazza, Lisbeth McCoy, Thomas Nozkowski, Leon Polk Smith, Pat Steir, Annelies Strba, Joan Witek, and Balint Zsako.

View the exhibition here: RECALIBRATION