LI-LAN, Li-lan • Lin & Keng Gallery Exhibition Catalogue



LI-LAN, Li-lan
Essay by Jonathan Goodman, Letters to the World
Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwa
October 1995
20 Pages
9 Illustrations

Available at:
Tina Keng Gallery – Taipei

Li-lan’s art also demonstrates an abiding awareness of cultural complexity.  Her Chinese-European background, may not seem so defining, in these times, as it did.  Yet she has taken her past as an opportunity.  By beginning simply, with empty notebooks, Li-lan created a void she would eventually fill with the many parts of her life.  She has rendered whole her varied background through assiduous technique and an inspired concept.

Li-lan’s letter paintings bring the world close to hand, allowing the viewer to partake in the artist’s varied life.  It is a generous gesture on her part.  Her technical achievements are to be admired, but they should be seen as integral to an art that is unusually broad, and unselfish, in its implications.

Jonathan Goodman