August 2009 • The Opening of the Tina Keng Gallery in Fall 2009

It is with particular pleasure that we are immensely proud to announce the opening of the Tina Keng Gallery in October of 2009. The Tina Keng Gallery, based in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China, continues the seventeen-year legacy of excellent dealership from the Lin and Keng Gallery.

Widely regarded as Asia’s leading art dealer, Ms. Tina Keng has specialized in the support and sale of superlative quality modern and contemporary Asian art, from established art masters to emerging contemporary artists, from early twentieth century right up to the present.

Outstanding among these artists are Lin Fengmian, Guang Liang, Sanyu, Wu Da-Yu, Guang Zhi-lan, Yun Gee, George Chann, Wu Guangzhong, Zao Wou-Ki, Hsiao Chin, Zhang Hongtu, Li-lan, Wang Huai Qing, Tony Wong, Xiaobai Su, Yang Mao-Lin, Xu Jiang, Lin Ju, Lu Hsien-Ming, Kuo Wei-Kuo, Tu Wei-Cheng, and Chu Shu-Hsien.

Home to some of Asia’s finest work, the Tina Keng Gallery is of major interest to respectable institutions, private collectors and connoisseurs of Asian Art.

Established with specialist expertise in appreciation of modern classics, the Tina Keng Gallery seeks to promote and present works of art of simple beauty with profound cultural heritage. As always, we are delighted to serve as an enthusiastic supporter setting the stage where visionary artists are welcome to fully express themselves.

The Tina Keng Gallery, extensively involved in the current booming contemporary art scene, is well prepared for an era of a robust Asian art market. We are ready to reflect the vitality, complexity, and historical significance of Asian art of our generation in the twenty-first century.

For more information: Tina Keng Gallery