LI-LAN, Correspondences: Recent Paintings • Art Projects International Exhibition Catalogue


LI-LAN, Correspondences: Recent Paintings
Li-lan by Alice Yang
Art Projects International, New YorkOctober 1996
6 Pages
3 Illustrations

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The specific architectural imagery chosen by Li-lan adds to these ambiguities.  The gates, archways, and corridors pictured here are all points of transition, which leads from one space into another.  Like the letters and postcards which have so long been the focus of Li-lan’s paintings, these motifs delineate the experience of passage – between different spaces, different geographies, and different cultures.  Li-lan’s paintings function as a physical and emotional map of these thresholds.  While defining their boundaries, Li-lan also leaves us suspended in that fluid space somewhere between surface and depth, between here and there.

Alice Yang
New York