LI-LAN, A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation • Tina Keng Gallery Exhibition Catalogue

LI-LAN, A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation
Essay by Tung-Hsiao Chou: Contemplative Landscape of the Mind
Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
June 2010
68 Pages
20 Illustrations (plus details)
Linen Hardcover
Price: $40 + Shipping

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Tina Keng Gallery – Taipei

Li-lan’s new work, inspired by the Japanese folktales of Kaidan, from the Edo Period, replete with narrative opportunities, provides free associations between imagination and reality, and guides viewers into her profound reverie. In fact, the impact of Kaidan on her work is more visual than bound to particular symbolism. The new canvases, where Li-lan represents various fictional Japanese ladies, with long hair blowing in the wind and beautiful costumes of colorful tones, seem to lead even more into the ethereal unknown.

Tung-Hsiao Chou
New York